Personal Notes

WUSSING will always be punished and result in a loss, no matter how good your position is.

"The most important thing about a pawn structure is the number of pawns." -Joel Benjamin

A knight on f5 for White or a knight on f4 for Black is winning.

A bishop on g7 is winning for Black. However, a bishop on g2 is lost for White.

Pushing the f-pawn will always lead to a successful mating attack.

Positional play is garbage compared to tactical play. Mating is the only way to win in chess.

The following openings are winning:1.e4, Nadjorf, Benoni, KID, and Berlin.

The DARK-squared bishop is always SUPERIOR to the LIGHT-squared bishop.

The reason Karjakin has the best results with White, is because he's the only one that plays 1.e4!

Whenever you're not sure what to do, grab material! Material is the key to winning games.

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