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Neither Evil Nor Doc...EvilDoc!

NO TAKEBACKS! Did you crumble under pressure or did I? Were you not paying attention, or was it me?

Ok, if you plan to play d4 and trade down pawns to a tedious endgame, don't play me. I'll admit you are good at that and you win. Life is too short. T-A-C-T-I-C-S are what I enjoy and no, it is not cheating, it is the heart and beauty of the game. Just ask Tal.

"It was night. I went home and put my old house clothes on and set the chessmen out and mixed a drink and played over another Capablanca. It went fifty-nine moves. Beautiful, cold, remorseless chess, almost creepy in its silent implacability.

Yes, I will play to a draw rather than lose even in an unrated game, especially if your rating is higher -- and no, its not bad sportsmanship. It is a rule of the game. Get over it.

"She hung up and I set out the chess board. I filled a pipe, paraded the chessmen and inspected them for French shaves and loose buttons, and played a championship tournament game between Gortchakoff and Meninkin, seventy-two moves to a draw, a prize specimen of the irresistible force meet

without blood, and as elaborate a waste of human intelligence as you could find anywhere outside an advertising agency." -- Raymond CHANDLER, The Long Goodbye

My dog plays chess, but he's not very good. He only beats Motor 3 out of 4.

Eggs Ackley, Esq., at your service

Interesting factoid: evildoc's dog is named eviljock.

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