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carbide: thedonald are you still angry you cant own slave children to rape like your great grandaddy

carbide: tell me why your god drowns 3 year olds like rats carbide: its a reasonable question

Qx: one should not confuse TheDonald's misogyny with racism. He demeans women of all color

Chessclub12: your mother was an illegal and a whore....its how she came here

Chessclub12: to be a prostitute VorpalBlade says: EAT SHIT AND DIE

chessclub1: thedonald you are a child rapist at the very least

WO: donald was groped by trumpkkk now he says it was love

magnuswizard: more insults from the donald . cant speak like a normal human . bad parents donald ?

cub: Donald .. go away. You're beneath contempt.

MikeyGrove says: kill yourself, you'll fit in with dead people's intelligence

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