Personal Notes

Hello! I am GM Aleksander Goloshchapov from Ukraine. FIDE ELO 2582

I am a professional coach with 10 year experience. Among my students very young GMs: Parimarjan Negi - 2nd youngest GM in history of chess,

S.P Sethuraman - World champion under 16 (Turkey 2009) and 15-year old Vaibhav Suri - currently the youngest GM in the world

I am sure one of the most effective ways of improvement in chess is a serious analysis of your games yourself and than doing it with the help of qualified coach.

There are a lot of different and important things in chess, which you should pay attention to, if you want to progress.

Positional understanding and estimation, tactical abilities and calculating of variants, opening repertoire and it's connection with middle game, and, of course, ending. What is the most important for you at the moment and what is to begin with?

I will help analyse your games, find out your problems in chess and determine the tasks of primary importance,which we will solve together. I recommend this way to my regular pupils.

If you are interested in some specific problem (some opening, middle game or something else), you are WELCOME!

I offer individual and group lessons via Skype and also available for live lectures (wide range of topics) and simultaneous exhibitions.

Flexible system of discounts for regular pupils. If you are interested or have any questions, leave a message or

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Type Blitz Rating 2729 Best 3023 (17/May/2004)
Type Bullet Rating 2189 Best 2224 (23/Nov/2003)