Personal Notes

Greetings from Saint-Petersburg,Russia! My position is NO WAR! The only suitable place for war-is a chess board! My friends on ICC:Ivanych,Deathmunky,Revenger,Melnikova,Anechka...and many others.

I'm oficial vendor on ICC,certified FIDE trainer.Available for the private lessons and training games with any time controls.If you are interested-please,do contact me. My skype name -ruslanio.chestnut

Professional coach since 1997.!See article about me-

I have special programs for all levels-from beginner to advanced players.

Coach of world wide famous pioneer palace in Saint-Petersburg,which produced 2 world champions(Spassky and Khalifman),and a lot of famous grandmasters,like Kortchnoi,Taimanov,Kamsky,Kochiev, Sakaev,Vityugov and many others.

Saint-Petersburg is the most beautiful city all over the world!If you are going to my city-ask me,i can help with.

Prices are reasonable. Discounts for permanent students and nice persons. information about me: Also,see 3rd note of deathmunky :)

Latest student results-Olga Karmanova got gold medal in Russia youth under 17. My students got 6 medals totally on this event.

news: I invite you to join the online chess camp. Classes for 7 days for 1.5 hours. The rating of participants is 1300-1700. Classes are in English. A group of 4-6 people. Classes are conducted by me and GM Alexander Evdokimov. The price is $70- $90. Dates and time: 1,2,10,11,12,13,14.06 from 1 pm to 2.30 Belgi

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Type Wild Rating 1886 Best
Type Blitz Rating 2350 Best 2998 (11/Mar/2008)
Type Standard Rating 2475 Best 2475 (28/Apr/2008)
Type Bullet Rating 2017 Best 2017 (16/Jul/2017)
Type 5-minute Rating 2403 Best 2528 (07/Aug/2010)
Type 1-minute Rating 2031 Best 2302 (21/Apr/2013)
Type 15-minute Rating 1816 Best
Type 3-minute Rating 2102 Best 2332 (18/Mar/2011)