Personal Notes

FM Jason R. Doss, USCF 2336, FIDE 2288

"The good outnumber you, and we always will."

"I was curious. Since I'm not a cat, that's not dangerous."

"I think I liked you better when you just hit people with your stick."

"Arrogance has to be earned. Tell me what you've done to earn yours."

"The only value of that trust is that you can manipulate them."

"That was awesome. I gotta start pretending to care."

"Just because it's inexplicted doesn't mean it's inexplicable."

"Could have left the scarf at home and just told him you'd be wearing a look of desperation."

"Everything's conditional. You just can't always anticipate the conditions."

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 2859 Best 2911 (08/Sep/1995)
Type Blitz Rating 2731 Best 2754 (22/Mar/2002)
Type Standard Rating 2410 Best 2419 (05/Nov/2001)
Type Bullet Rating 2270 Best 2505 (20/Jan/2001)
Type Bughouse Rating 2269 Best 2584 (02/Aug/2004)
Type Loser's Rating 1483 Best
Type Crazyhouse Rating 2522 Best 2590 (22/May/2003)
Type 5-minute Rating 2067 Best 2252 (21/Feb/2002)
Type 1-minute Rating 2137 Best 2300 (26/Nov/2003)
Type 15-minute Rating 1921 Best 1944 (14/Apr/2015)
Type 3-minute Rating 2121 Best 2137 (17/Aug/2013)
Type Chess960 Rating 1430 Best
Type 25-minute Rating 1977 Best