Personal Notes

carbide: dubya you must have been conceived when your mother was snorting hairspray

CloudDragon: For Dubya eating diherhea would be an improvement in what comes out his mouth\

WO: dumbya was abused by her father when she was young WO: too young WO: too bd

frentz: Chomsky balled your mom too, Dubya

who: dubya often reminds me of a pile of assclowns soaked in gasoline

faffa: dubya is either a world clas moron or a disgusting liar faffa: what a weasel u are dubya

LightSurfer: Dubya, venomous snake, running dog. CloudDragon: Scum of the Earth Dubya

belgianbeer: cant you even play a game of chess without being an asshole ?

zena:yes,deep pity for the plight of the little sucker fish Dubya.that sucks the old skin off sharks

Qx: The reason why Dubya has short feet is so he can stand closer to the Nazi ovens

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