Personal Notes

And when the night arrives, I return home, and enter into my studiolum; and on the threshold I take off that everyday costume, and put on royal and curial vests; and thus I enter into the ancient courts of those ancient men, where I am kindly accepted by them, and where I can feed upon that food that is only

mine, for which I was born; where I do not feel ashamed to speak with them and ask them about the reasons of their deeds; and they humanely reply to me; and for those hours I do not feel any dullness, forget every affliction, I'm not afraid of poverty, and not anxious of death: I entirely rely upon them.

(Machiavelli 1513)

In the studiolum, a space that was both real and symbolic, the Renaissance and Baroque man cultivated his intellectual activities. It was simultaneously a library, museum and a private chamber where, in solitude, he could engage in a direct conversation with the learned spirits of Antiquity and their great books

the Studiolum also stored prodigious objects that expanded the world further beyond the cares of everyday life.

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