Personal Notes

I'm typically most interested in tournaments, pools, leagues and matches. Individual games via the seek graph and other means are games I tend not to be interested in, but if I happen to be then it's most likely unrated. Cheers

Notable 1st Place Slomato Grids: 450585, 450854, 452444, 452633. 1st Place STC Tourney Yenta Grids: 1895

My first ever run tournament! /tell tomato grid 452366, first ever team tournament! /tell tomato grid 452961. Made a Tomato team member on 2016-06-09. Woot!


"The French Defence is not to be underestimated. It conceals a great deal of dynamic energy behind a modest facade." -- Who said it?

If you had to choose between 1 a4 and 1 h4, which would you choose? :)

If you were going to rob a bank with 3 (relatively) known chess players (a driver, someone for crowd control, and someone to cover the door), who would they be? :)


Actively looking for sparring partners: max/min of 200 ICC rating points difference from mine; looking for willing opponents to spar with on a regular basis, covering a range of openings. If interested, send me a message! :)

Are you a rage-quitter? Do you shut your application down instead of resigning like a normal person? There's help for that. See: RAGE!

Server Ratings Details

Type Standard Rating 1946 Best 2005 (15/Apr/2016)
Type 5-minute Rating 2053 Best 2053 (11/Nov/2016)
Type 15-minute Rating 1975 Best
Type 3-minute Rating 1910 Best 1950 (07/Nov/2016)