Personal Notes

I am Marty W and I live near Chicago, IL.

Simul win against someone named magnus "examine trivialpursuit %55"

Interesting endgame against smallville "examine trivialpursuit %72" How to draw against a GM when down a minor. From PlayTheSmall: Smallville(GM) tells you: lucky that I slipped "examine trivialpursuit %81"

Material odds win against larryc "examine trivialpursuit %71"

"examine trivialpursuit %78" Kroll(340): Everbody bring flowers to Trivs burial please!

My favorite anti-computer games "examine trivialpursuit %34" "examine trivialpursuit %38" "examine trivialpursuit %49"

My draw against Susan Polgar in a simul held April 8th 2005 at the SuperNationals in Nashville "examine trivialpursuit %48"

A simul win against Boris Alterman "examine trivialpursuit %54"

A simul win against John Fedorwicz "examine trivialpursuit %101" . It looked lost, but my good N vs his bad B won the game.

Tomato You won!!! Congratulations! This is your 72 1st place finish

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Type Wild Rating 1461 Best
Type Blitz Rating 1422 Best 1681 (22/Jan/2014)
Type Standard Rating 1971 Best 2090 (17/Sep/2004)
Type Bullet Rating 1081 Best 1253 (08/Sep/2010)
Type 5-minute Rating 1475 Best 1697 (23/May/2012)
Type 1-minute Rating 345 Best
Type 15-minute Rating 1299 Best
Type 3-minute Rating 1262 Best
Type Chess960 Rating 1570 Best