Personal Notes

#1 on ICC 25-minute Best list, 2043, 12-May-2018

24th on ICC Standard Best list, 2047, 21-Jan-2018

16th on ICC 15-minute Best list, 2129, 1-Apr-2020

#2 on ICC 25-minute Best list, 2091, 18-Apr-2020

Congratulations to walter, the #1 ranked ICC Standard and 15-minute player.

"The last blitz game I played was on a train in 1929." - Botvinnik

Chess training: Don't forget to solve tactics puzzles regularly!

I am getting old and past my prime. You should never resign against me, because no matter how completely I outplay you -- which I will -- I can always throw away the win in time trouble.

Please note: in extreme mutual time trouble, I may not even notice your draw offer. If I am repeating moves and you want a draw, repeat moves 3 times yourself and claim the draw.

CM since 1994, 2100 since 1995

Server Ratings Details

Type Blitz Rating 1831 Best 1925 (08/Mar/2018)
Type Standard Rating 1936 Best 2047 (20/Jan/2018)
Type 5-minute Rating 1910 Best 1999 (21/Mar/2014)
Type 15-minute Rating 2061 Best 2164 (10/Apr/2018)
Type 25-minute Rating 2091 Best 2091 (18/Apr/2020)