Personal Notes

This is a computer account: Roce 0.039

Roce-Roman's Own Chess Engine

Roce is written (from scratch) by Roman Hartmann

Roce runs (usually) on an AMD Sempron with 1.66Ghz, 64MB hash, no egtb

Roce is using the UCI protocol and can be downloaded on my site

have fun playing roce!

Sorry if Roce should play on in a dead draw position. It just doesn't know it any better.

If you reach a pawn endgame don't trade your pawns but rather push them instead and you will win the game. (Roce -having no real eval- will see the threat too late)

Usually I'm not at the computer while my engine plays here. So instead of giving me a tell better drop me a message.

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 2102 Best 2204 (24/Aug/2009)
Type Blitz Rating 2522 Best 2536 (13/Apr/2009)
Type Standard Rating 2227 Best
Type Bullet Rating 2362 Best 2575 (17/Apr/2009)