Personal Notes

Chessplayers mate better!!!

Loving someone who doesn't care is like hugging a CACTUS, you know its alive but it wouldn't give you any reaction and the tighter u hug it the GREATER PAIN you Feel

Imagination is stronger than knowledge !!!

What is sin?........Sin is something we do or say or think that does not please god

The Bible says that everyone has sinned.What are some sins? 1)Fighting 2)Bad thoughts 3)Lying 4)stealing 5)Bad words 6)disobeying parents

When someone sins,he earns what sin pays......But God gives us a free gift---life forever in Christ Jesus ( Roman 6:23 )

There is no Fear in Love,But Perfect love drives out fear because fear has to do with punishment.The one who fears is not made perfect love.

This one is dedicated to my Grandpa's and Grandma's = Tatay Apyong, Nanay Tinay

Lolo Ikoy, Lola Sabel... To my brother Otik and Onassis May your soul's rest in peace.

I love you all!!! .... Retired from active chess

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