Personal Notes

Gerd Euler


I am a Busdriver, and I use the mobile version also, so I am sorry, if I can't play games until the

I fight until the end. So if you stalemate me or lose on time, don't be angry. Even in desperately l

I am German. This means I am German. I am Hessian. Bedeutet ich bin ein Hesse.

I am Metalfan. Means Slayer, Black Sabbath and so on.

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Type Blitz Rating 2053 Best 2498 (08/Oct/2014)
Type Standard Rating 1653 Best
Type Bullet Rating 1634 Best 1806 (14/Mar/2016)
Type 5-minute Rating 1713 Best 1713 (07/Nov/2017)
Type 1-minute Rating 1486 Best 1615 (26/Oct/2016)
Type 3-minute Rating 1992 Best 2126 (26/Feb/2017)