Personal Notes

Hi! From Finland. Time zone is ICC+7h and my best elo performance is 2290.

My best win is against GM Shirov elo > 2700 (rapid game played in Norway)

My best draw is against GM Felix Levin elo 2565 (long game played spain)

My best lost is against World champion Anatoly Karpov (long game, Finland)

I have played many big international elo tournaments in many countries

I like long games. In Blitz I always loose on time,winning position.

I dont always see tell or say messages. Sorry ! Just send new one later

No takebacks. I make lots of mouse slips but I never ask takeback.

Mucho gusto ! Yo comprendo un poco espanol tambien !

Juego en la liga Finlandia y tambien en Espana (club chatrang en Benalmadena)

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 1980 Best 1980 (13/Sep/1997)
Type Blitz Rating 1594 Best 1888 (04/Oct/1997)
Type Standard Rating 1871 Best 2123 (30/Mar/1997)
Type Bullet Rating 1402 Best 1612 (22/Oct/2011)
Type 5-minute Rating 1613 Best 1717 (04/Oct/2012)
Type 1-minute Rating 921 Best 1005 (16/Nov/2011)