Personal Notes

FM Steve Stoyko, Florida, USA, 2016 US Senior Champion

no takebacks unless early and obvious

perfectly ok to try to win on time

I give online lessons

Very reasonable rates contact

Server Ratings Details

Type Blitz Rating 1660 Best 2496 (05/Aug/1999)
Type Standard Rating 1853 Best 1875 (21/Apr/2020)
Type Bullet Rating 1511 Best 2192 (27/Mar/2000)
Type 5-minute Rating 1873 Best 2218 (16/Aug/2014)
Type 1-minute Rating 1281 Best 1501 (31/Jul/2018)
Type 15-minute Rating 2077 Best 2131 (24/Apr/2022)
Type 3-minute Rating 1562 Best 1947 (11/Nov/2018)
Type Chess960 Rating 1755 Best
Type 25-minute Rating 1514 Best