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quizzz GM, who has already broken guinness alcohol record with 20 y.o., has quit drinking for 95 days!!!

and if sth doesn't walk...bro, ur trying to make it walk!

Jesus Christ Izoria! Lord of the Drinks!

Im worst at what i do best...

every day u play even worse, but today u played like the day after tomorrow (Bani)

Ta Muala mou Ponane (afierwmeno ston buffo pou me ekapse!)

MAT-CHESS - official representative of DGT / (magnetic/electronic) boards, clocks (DGT), medals etc.

check out : --- contact with : (GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis) / / / ---> Nikos Makropoulos the Great

Men & Women agree only upon one thing: Neither trusts women...

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