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Aloha from Beautiful and Historic Central Ohio; "The heart of the heart of it all". I support President Trump and our troops! Moderation is the key to most things except one! We're either hot or cold on the Divinity of Christ! CHRIST is Sharper, Smarter, Stronger and Swifter than we are!

Life is short and fragile! Life is a beautiful gift. Use Knowledge in Love to progress in time with Christ! God is Knowledge, LOVE, and Time! Abortions for reasons OTHER than incest, rape and medical emergency is evil. Adoption builds a family! It's a child, not a choice! Please choose Life!

Ego: eases God out. Satan sits in the assembly to attack the faithful. The truth stands on his own and needs no lies to prop him up! We need the saved in the pulpit who Love the truth and not drunks, pagans, infidels and the sexually perverse who should be in the pews with the rest of us sinners!

The "love of money is the root of all evil" that is how we got into the economic meltdown in 2008 and today! The U.S. is bankrupt with the government bailouts making matters worse; not better! The free market would have replaced those failed firms! We can't serve God and money! Israel is the 51st State!

ICC Member since 1997. The best chess server of the few I belong to. Chess mirrors life, life's not fair, life's a spiritual struggle! Global warming is real and partly a result of our poor stewardship of the planet. However; cycles of global warming have occurred in our planet's past.

Shoot for the stars! We will reach Mars! The Sun may be expanding from dark matter...Life is out there in the vastness of space and time! Otherwise it's just a waste of space and time! The moon reminds us of how our Earth could have been; since the moon's matter came from the void filled by the Pacific Ocean!

God doesn't damn, we damn ourselves! If I say sin is not sin, then I lie and the truth is not in me! The religous who are in the flesh hate Christ since he's the Son, born of woman and frees the slave! Use Knowledge in Love to progress in Time with Christ. Christ rejects religion! Worship in Spirit and Truth!

Jesus Christ was born of a woman without the help of a man...Mother Mary must have been quite a person to handle that reality! Christ frees us from sin...he does not free us to sin! As a born again: the monkey is only my step-cousin! If u r not born again; who r u?

Ego = Eases God out. Hate the sin, Love the sinner! Satan Lies! Some of his lies are: There's no God! The U.S. is the great satan; the Holocoust never happened; we never went to the moon and we attacked ourselves on SEPT 11, 2001. All lies! Please don't believe his lies! The truth: God is life!

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Type Loser's Rating 1330 Best
Type Crazyhouse Rating 1350 Best
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