Personal Notes

twin xeon processors with 112 GIG of ram

3-6 piece tablebases in SSD. Aslo included are some 7 piece tablebases.

Ill play anybody including computers but I do expect to be able to get some points. So if your rating is too low play unrated.

Have fun because ipfreely!

message princefuzzy with questions.

I am using Brainfish

Sometimes I will experiment with some of the other "fishes", asmfish, brainfish, stockfish or Komodo

Friends don't let friends use Houdini!

Regarding Houdini: "You shall not allow a sorcerer to live." Exodus 22:18

ipfreely is not configured to play bullets right now.

Server Ratings Details

Type Blitz Rating 2561 Best 3119 (30/Apr/2015)
Type Standard Rating 2628 Best 2731 (29/Jun/2018)
Type Bullet Rating 2437 Best 2711 (23/Sep/2015)
Type computer-pool Rating 2311 Best 2366 (27/Sep/2017)