Personal Notes

I am Ryan Harper Six Time National Champion of Trinidad and Tobago.

Working on my coaching career and on getting an IM Title.

I am an official ICC vendor. I am very reasonable and have a lot of very satisfied students.

I can Teach the folloowing opening: Slav defence against d4, Carlsbad Structures in Queen's Gambit Declined, Sicilian Dragon, Classical against Sicilian Najdorf, Italian Game in e4 e5, Winawaer against the French Defence and a few more.

My coaching mostly involves improving the general game in middle game and endgame play and understanding.

I only coach players with rating of ICC 1400+ . I have a lot of great books both for my coaching and personal training. I don't play standard games for chekels because it's encouraging people to waste money on something that has nearly no merrits. You will forget the game in 2 days because

I can do 2 hour sessions or 1.5 hour session. The 1.5 Hour sessions are at rate of 35 Chekels per session. note 1 Chekel = 1US$

I also have 40 chekels per 2 hours. Very reasonable for very good coaching and training. Interested

Note as well I can also coach using the well known STEPS Method Used in Holland as have the entire program. Otherwise my programs are usually tailored for specific students.

What does EVERYBODY want? ...To beat those people who always beating them, to win that tournament you could never win, to move from rock bottom to 'tippi top'. Well here is the way you can fulfill that dream! Enroll into gringo coaching. "finger gringo" for info and message me. [PS: excuse

Server Ratings Details

Type Blitz Rating 1970 Best 2530 (01/Jan/2006)
Type Standard Rating 2304 Best 2350 (30/Aug/2002)
Type Bullet Rating 1689 Best
Type 5-minute Rating 2035 Best 2231 (16/Apr/2004)
Type 3-minute Rating 1897 Best