Personal Notes

Thanks for fingering me :) By the way if you really finger me you will know who I am ! You might not know me since I don't know you. I am Gopikrishna from India.

Member here for more than 8 years. "I do believe that god's creation have the right to live as much as we do" -- BY-- Mahatma Gandhi. So please be kind to animals including birds and insects.

"To err is human, but to really foul things up requires computer". "Mountains are made from rocks, rocks are made from mountains!" And want to see a queen getting stuck within 10 moves? "examine gopikrish %41" and to see mistaken brilliant sac "examine gopikrish %42" :)

~[-_-]~ <{*_*}>

Chess is not you making winning moves, but its the opponent making blunders! -- Gopi krishna God has not given me anything I wanted, but God has given me everything I needed -- Swami Vivekanda

############# FASTEST MATE + MOST MOVES MADE IN LEAST TIME ########## ---------> "examine gopikrish %54" (30 moves in 14 secs + mate)

This note is dedicated to my dear pet Tony who passed away silently on Tuesday 29th August 2006 around 9:30 - 10 PM. Very very lovely and affectionate dog it was. I miss you dear, and you will come to me again in some form for sure. May the soul R.I.P.

Leitex tells you: you are crushing me EEJ says: you are a very strong player !

31 December 2099 -- 23:59

g00gle tells you: resign idiot Nilgiri tells you: i mean ur hand nah Nilgiri tells you: :) Nilgiri tells you: it can move faster than light Nilgiri tells you: looooooooooooooool DellPlayer tells you: yeah gopi lacks classical game experience

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