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National Master and FIDE Trainer Michael Aigner, USCF 2200, FIDE 2010. : Looking to get back into OTB tournament chess after the pandemic. : Next major tournament: American Open (Los Angeles)

Amazing, 26 years on ICC! Account first used: 02-Nov-1994. 36,000+ hours.


Career highlights as a chess master and teacher:

Peak USCF 2340. Peak FIDE 2298. Played in 2007 US Championship (Oklahoma) after qualifying 2nd at 2006 US Open (Chicago). Active at tournaments in Bay Area, LA, Reno, and Las Vegas. Multi Sacramento club champion. Awarded 2010 Frank J Marshall award from USCF. Dinner with Kasparov in 1999 at Stanford.

Ten students became master before 18. Two won gold at World Youth and both are now Grandmasters--they can kick my butt! My kids won US Cadet (U16), Denker (HS) and US Junior (U21) all in a year. They captured more CalChess states than I can count, plus six straight HS team titles.


"I believe that a trainer can be successful if he really likes his work. He wants not his own success, but the success of his students. It's the natural stimuli for work. Not money, not anything else." - Mark Dvoretsky RIP

"You must take your opponent into a deep dark forest where 2 plus 2 is 5, and the path leading out is only wide enough for one." - Misha Tal RIP

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