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Chien Ming (Ridwan Susanto),53,m,Indonesia,UTC+7 Full-time dedicated chess-teacher for 18 years since 2006. Once we get along,you'll know me as 1 of most passionate & patient person.Glad to be ur best buddy & sherpa in journey climbing chess mountain

TD of You can try 1-2 hours free trial (no obligation) lesson. I invite anyone for want to practice game, rated or unrated game, with or without discussion afterward (no obligation - no strings attached)

I'll be a reliable sparring that practice 45m/60m/90m game + 30s incr & glad to discuss it by text chat/ voice/video call. Review of my service as teacher, trainee partner and TD:

I develop a versatile, elastic way of play in opening & midgame(to play according to what position demand).I have equal satisfaction if I was forced to play a sharp game or when I've chance to conduct game according to all rules of strategy with its ruthless logic. I share this experience with my pupils

Chess is hard but really fun as long as you can control your addiction and has this proper attitude 'Win with Humility, Lose with Grace, Do both with Dignity'. Knowledge will give you power, but character will give you respect. All chess players are my friends - except the rude and unsportsmanlike ones.

Dedicating this note to my friend Marvin (finger chesskix) who's been managing so many regular leagues for 22 years & still counting. & EdwardTarte &

Some student:blind-warrior chuckh2 clarinetref edwardtarte timotheous radical chesskix slakkjaw berkshires tightfist jungleboy fulmar & (dabodhi who said:What I really love about working with u is that u're showing nuts and bolts of chess.Caring,committed,reliable,affordable,generous with time and knowledgeable

A sincere comment from my student (moik) :"I like chess more than I ever have and when I do spend some time on it (studying & playing),it gives me such joy!".From my other student (chuckh2):"Chess is difficult.Travel with someone who knows the way.After all, it's not where u go, it's who u travel with"

I am glad to analyze & discuss some of your games,both live interaction or in documented PGN with commentary. You can find the recent 45m+45s games that I've analyzed in 2020 at

Proud to be ICC member since 08 Feb 2006 and my membership expiry date is among the longest: 19 Jun 2026, thanks to winning prize regularly fr Tue 60m+0s /Sun 45m+10s /Team 4545. "ICC requires me to state that I am not an official vendor, and you should read the third paragraph in 'help Services'."

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