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Hi from Canada.

Good Luck and Good Game.

I say thanks, win, lose or draw. For those of you who find that offensive, I apologize in advance. But I'm going to do it anyway. ;) (Except sometimes after bullet games, please assume thanks are implied. ;) If I don't answer it is because I am unable to play bullet and chat. I will answer afte

I'm sorry to say I find the level of sportsmanship on ICC getting progressively worse, the verbal abuse now comes from winners as well as the to be expected losers. I used to just accept this and after multiple insults censor the offenders. Now I intend to censor on a first offence and list

I have never insulted anyone on ICC, even in return and I will not, you will simply be censored by me and added to the list below.

CENSORED FOR INSULTS, VERBAL ABUSE or EXTREMELY poor sportsmanship : backfire CogSciGuy jonesey pixeldj Vinsanity ch3ss FeelMyPower KilMaim rts cheaptrash Granis onlythelonely Terrell5 tipmyteacup Inureholes HEAVY-THREAT madrigal mauriciobla Chaichi GrandWazoo Venom QUEENS-PAWN whoopas

Of the classless named above the most amusing are those that insult you during the game and immediately censor you afterwards, I suppose for being foolish enough to allow them to insult you. Iam here to play chess, win, lose or draw. I enjoy winning more than insulting them back. I suppose

lacking, that they feel inadequate in some way, that they can only feel good about themselves by being anonymously abusive to people they have never met. Ignorance and cowardice in the 21st century.

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