Personal Notes

Played chess as a kid, then dropped it for a _long time_ (enough said)... Started again in the past few months, but with a serious study program this time.

I still blunder once in awhile, so if you're down a piece, always remember that Lady Luck is fickle. You could be up a rook in 5 moves.

I enjoy biking, hiking, sailing, travel, and reading and watching mysteries and science fiction (with some science in it). "Firefly" was a fave of mine.

I have a large library of paperback chess books, which I am starting to thin out. Message me if you're having trouble finding one.

Getting ready to pick a coach in my time zone (EST) or nearby (sorry, Ivan). Suggestions welcome.

Working on my endgames; best tactics training there is. I can recommend books, if you want.

I enjoy jazz (except bebop), trance, lounge, bossa nova, salsa, retro swing, and indie rock. Ask me again in a month.

Beverages of choice: lager, wit bier, merlot, brandy, cape codder, cranberry juice, seltzer, mango juice, and long island iced tea, but I'm open. Waddya got?

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Type Standard Rating 2271 Best 2271 (01/May/2017)
Type Bullet Rating 932 Best