Personal Notes

If i dont respond to your offer, 98% i am afk.

Im a crazy mother fker, stay out of my way or else.

for APS

if you want some help with analysis, i'll give it if i have time.

You do not live long, you are very morbid and mortal, you are not smart. You will not end up healthy, you will die.

The only purpose of life is to end

The judas in, judas in my mind.

for APS. I will make them blood for you.

do not complain about losing on time in 1-0, especially when youre also beaten on the board.

RIP Dear friend Tommy, Doctor Price-Smith, relative Willie M and long time friends/teachers Andrew S (LM) and Garry S (SM)

Server Ratings Details

Type Blitz Rating 2123 Best 2508 (17/Mar/2014)
Type Standard Rating 2108 Best 2180 (08/Oct/2015)
Type Bullet Rating 1891 Best 2311 (26/Feb/2014)
Type 5-minute Rating 2292 Best 2335 (01/Jan/2017)
Type 1-minute Rating 2000 Best 2258 (02/Sep/2015)
Type 15-minute Rating 2091 Best 2091 (26/Sep/2020)
Type 3-minute Rating 2191 Best 2271 (26/Jul/2018)
Type Chess960 Rating 1894 Best
Type 25-minute Rating 1976 Best