Personal Notes

Shalom, I'm Alon Shulman (48) from Herzeliya, Israel. International Arbiter, Lawyer. Speed Chess 1 0-3 0. Let me know if you're on my censor list. Games appended to CB. Interested in knowing names and origins of players I've played so mes me but don't mes with me. Never argue with an idiot. He'll bring

you down to his level, then beat you with experience. Life in ICC: a) A bullet game that lasts an hour. You ping your opponent for his lag that put you out of rythem. It happens that you had the lag. b) Playing last seconds in Bullet. You are winning but both have 2 seconds left. You know he would sac

something and check you. You look for his check but miss it. You hear that terrible buzz, You ask "Who turned on the microwave"? and lose on time. c)>Tomato closed blitz for all!! [SW br 30] How can it be closed and yet for all?

Plenty of types here on ICC: 1) The boosters-"I won the drr wild bug random w389679456 championship so be ware my wrath, I'm approaching 1600." 2)The poets 3) THE ONES THAT FI WITH CAPITAL LETTERS. 4) The sensitive "If you talk to me, challenge me or dare to beat me I'll +cen +noplay +complain to the

admins + sue you 5)The ones on LSD 6)The agreeable gang. "I agree with DZL's 5th. note" 7)The Alias Minded.They jot "gg" after you've blundered 6 Knights and 7 Bishops. 8)The ones that teach you manners. "Say Good Morning after a win, don't challenge me after you drew with Black and I expect

after a win in the Mora Gambit. Otherwise don't play with me". 9)The Vendors "I'm the champion of Antarctica. I give lessons that will stop Scholars mate. Just today 10 lessons at the price of 20. 7: I give takebacks for the best prices, mes me".

10) The ones that list their enemies, takeback policies and life philosophy. 11)The Refined - "I have a constitutional right to play on time in a dead draw position so if you mother f***rs don't like it you can kiss my a**" 12) The ones that brag big time "TheChessKid tells you: you're fi notes are the

funniest I have seen on ICC". "The Gentleman from the east has a jolly sense of humor" [The Guardian] "Notes like a fine chardonnes wine" [La Figaro] "That darn Yankee bugs like a tick on a dowgs tail" [Dallas Star] "Makes me want to hara-kiri" [Tokyo Sun]. 13) The Flower Power - The world is such a

wonderful place. ICC is such a wonderful place with so many wonderful people so let us all hold hands and play for peace love and a better tomorrow. 14) The grab-runners. You beat them 50 times. They rematch again and again. They just try to win on time. Once they beat you once - they vanish.

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 1236 Best
Type Blitz Rating 2076 Best 2443 (08/Dec/1999)
Type Standard Rating 1268 Best
Type Bullet Rating 1877 Best 2324 (09/Feb/1999)
Type Bughouse Rating 1594 Best
Type Loser's Rating 1651 Best
Type Crazyhouse Rating 1688 Best
Type 1-minute Rating 2024 Best 2176 (10/Jun/2002)