Personal Notes

guest323(U) says: not only did i try, but i kicked your ass guest : 323(U) says: good night ( =-) lol!!! i cant believe this guy!! ))

Issuing: Ucantry (2222)

I have been unbanned finally ~ No ~ my previous behaviors shall not resurface and I apoligise to you all! ~ SORRY ~

I have noticed w17 players are lacking on ICC lately! Well I shall dedicate my time to teach those who feel they can be taught and those who want to be taught ~~ all so w17 competition will increase and players will be as abundant as ever~~~!!

Chesskid88 (18:32 24-May-00 EDT): you suck

My LIL' bro is attempting to open the candidates tourn once again !!! I encourage everyone to play in the qualifier!! yes we will concider all time zones in the world and pick the neautral time which seems to be 18:00 server ,I will help you study for the qualifier if you feel you need it, any rating!

The only lesson worth knowing in life is LIVE AND LEARN ~!~

LateKnight(*) tells you: look man.. do yourself a favor. Mellow! chill! survive!

I occasionally lose! when I do I expect a certain amount of respect ! like always at least one rematch after I lose! as well as no one bregging I beat you blabla bla when truly they know it was not deserved! so please breg when u beat me a 5 3 time control

this candidates has been manslaughtered !! there is no auto-advance there is only the qualifier to judge the top 12 for the candidates!! auto-advance means the top 6 players on the best lilst with at least 6 3 1 w17 rated games in their history advances!! then the top 6 from the qualifier advance !!

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 1401 Best
Type Blitz Rating 1132 Best 1237 (16/Jul/1999)
Type Standard Rating 1223 Best 1229 (10/Feb/2000)
Type Bullet Rating 1355 Best 1545 (10/Feb/2000)
Type Bughouse Rating 1140 Best 1140 (06/Apr/2000)
Type Loser's Rating 2063 Best 2327 (04/Feb/2000)