Personal Notes

Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior!!

Since I am such a patzer (see note 9) I have quietplay set to 2 - hopefully you won't find that as being rude, I just have trouble multi-tasking :)


By the way, did I mention Jesus Christ is truly Lord and Savior!!

I love the game of chess but as you can see I am not very good at it.

William Tyndale was a man I greatly admire for putting into motion the means for us to get an English speaking Bible in our hands

Tyndale was betrayed by a friend, Philips, the agent either of Henry or of English ecclesiastics, or possibly of both. Tyndale was arrested and imprisoned in the castle of Vilvoorden for over 500 days of horrible conditions. He was tried for heresy and treason in a ridiculously unfair tria

Tyndale was then strangled and burnt at the stake in the prison yard, Oct. 6, 1536. His last words were, "Lord, open the king of England's eyes." This prayer was answered three years later, in the publication of King Henry VIIIs 1539 English Great Bible.

58 years old and still a patzer! By the way, call me Aaron as all my friends do :)

(Above bio on Tyndale courtesy WikiPedia)

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