Personal Notes

No I am not Tony Miles.

Well not always...

I prefer to play blitz with a beautiful woman and a bottle of wine in front of a log fire.

Please bring your own logs.

In view of increasing demands on my time I am instituting an intelligence test for anyone wishing to talk to/play me. There is only one question, but it is tricky, and you only get one chance ( experience shows that more dont help). The question is : Who are you?

Persons failing intelligence test so far: Guests 1-10000 inc. and various others , one of whom was so offended that he complained to ICC at being listed here,so I have been asked to delete the entire list to avoid giving offence.

It seems that this test is proving far too complicated for most people. So here are a couple of clues: the correct answer is neither a) a ten page philosophical discussion, nor b) nobody/ no-one.

PS It is my test so I make the rules!

Server Ratings Details

Type Blitz Rating 2795 Best 2831 (09/Aug/1999)
Type Standard Rating 2398 Best
Type Bullet Rating 2070 Best
Type Bughouse Rating 1326 Best