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I am a moral nihilist; that is, i believe that moral sentences are neither true nor false, but simply interjections or ejaculations of emotion.

Nevertheless, i believe it is possible for us to live together and love each other. We just need a suitable moral theory, one which encompasses our shared values.

In accordance with this, i have proposed a moral theory; its single axiom is "The gratification of desire is good". From this lone statement can, i believe, follow all morality.

So, tell me what you think of my theory. Does it completely "capture" the common-sense notions of what is ethical while at the same time extending, refining, and systematizing them? But please, think deeply about this matter before you make comments to me.

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The allure of religion is that it pretends to give people control over their lives, something they very desperately crave. The only way for religion, with all its harmful and disastrous mental and physical effects, to be overcome, then, is for everyone to be given actual control over their lives - something that

will soon be possible thanks to science. So, if you dislike religion, give the ordinary person more control over her life. That means raising their standard of living, educating them so they understand the world and are able to get a job they actually like, and abolishing the unnecessary interference of

authority in their lives. That is all.

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