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if you can understand all things, but in the end, you do not understand that the purpose for understanding all things, is to finally understand and possess Love; then we fail in the biggest way.

Love doesnt have to be Grande, but walking in love at all times, is walking in God and that is called abiding, which fufills all the commandments.

The success of your destiny is determined by who you decided to Honor.

Our Love for God is proven in our actions. We believe in God only? Repent to also Love God in our actions and be saved by God.

Understand that because all sin is worthy of death to God, and to God it doesnt matter what you have done in your life; God's only interest is that you return to him and believe.

know well that God is only capable of helping you, and in God's Spirit we are made comfortable. Also know to receive any thing from God we must trust that God will deliver, because doubt disconnects us, and when we are spiritually disconnected, we are then unable to receive.

While we are sinners(a man alone -minus the Spirit of God); a man + The Spirit of God becomes a new creation!. and 1John 3:9 Goes into Effect!!. The Light is our Fuel.

It is impossible to trust something you do Not know. Therefor we practice the light to know the light. For we only Know , What we Practice. Or to put it another way, We belong to who we obey.

The "Word" was God, long before it was put into a book.

Jesus, who is the Son of God, and God incarnate came to earth in the flesh, and died as a payment for our sins. Now we that accept this are set free, because The Father who sent Jesus, arranged this as our new covenant (new deal) between us and himself.

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