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If you want to see attacking chess at its best, how to play 1.e4, how to handle the Sicilian, a queen trap, a poisoned pawn, see Spassky's win over Korchnoi at Mainz on will not see better.

GM Shaked vs GM Spassky 1998 Cannes e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 d4 exd4 Nd4 Nd4 Qd4 Ne7 Nc3 Nc6 Qe3 g6 Bd2 Bg7 0-0-0 Qf6 f4 0-0 e5 Qe6 Qe4 d6 Bc4 Qe8 Nd5 Bf5 Qe3 de5 Nc7 Qc8 Nd5 Re8 Bc3 Nd4 Fe5 Qc4 Qd4 Qa2 Qh4 h5 Qg5 Rad8 Ne7+ Kh7 0-1 Spassky wins!

Boris Spassky has won or drawn an amazing 91% of all his regulation time control games. Bobby Fischer ranks below him at 89%.

Spassky record against Fischer and Kasparov in tournament play...+3!!!

May 2006- GM Spassky defeats GM Karpov 1.5-0.5 in a match at Corsica. Spassky beats Karpov in a Caro

Boris Spassky outlasted Kasparov in 1981 at Tilburg in a great battle. Kasparov (2630) Spassky (2630) 0-1

Amazing result at Linares in 1983..Spassky 1st and World Champ Karpov 2nd!

In 1992 Game Four- Spassky destroys Fischer in a QGA after Bobby is stunned by an amazing sac that he never understood!

Spassky hands Kasparov his worst defeat ever, in 1983 at Niksic, as Kasparov is about to become Champion.

Zurich 2001 Spassky 2551 defeats Svidler 2695 in a Sicilian

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