Personal Notes

I sometimes log in from work for a quick blitz game.

Win or lose, I then leave and go back to work.

So please accept my apologies if I'm not there for a rematch.

No offence intended :/

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 1621 Best 1621 (07/Jul/2016)
Type Blitz Rating 1691 Best 1924 (26/Jun/2015)
Type Standard Rating 1714 Best 1811 (20/Sep/2015)
Type Bullet Rating 1269 Best
Type Loser's Rating 1275 Best
Type Crazyhouse Rating 1048 Best
Type 5-minute Rating 1848 Best 1917 (14/Oct/2015)
Type 1-minute Rating 1600 Best 1661 (29/Sep/2015)
Type 15-minute Rating 1964 Best 2026 (04/Feb/2015)
Type 3-minute Rating 1842 Best 1888 (20/Apr/2016)
Type 25-minute Rating 1662 Best