Personal Notes

Hi from Stuttgart, Germany. If you can't be friendly just do not talk to me, please. Some who did even so and joined my censor list:

SullenBishop tells you: u r just quick but very weak

StangIsBack says: only weak not even quick / kingcesar sagt: u suck lmao

Davidhaydon tells you: idiot / Booth says: lol u are SO Stupid and bad

Inference says: stupid you just go fast - shut up and go play

Albizzati: **** this idiot silentbob, using the time to beat me, idiot

ICanTakeYou says: CHICKEN / MountainLion tells you: u r a weak idiot

Snarfer says: shut up / pampas says: Luck bast***

atek tells you: CHILD - so shut up / MickyMata says: son of a bitch

cebeci2 says: you are very weak / El-Principiante says: dum ass

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