Personal Notes

hello my name is Laurent from Paris, France, 39 y.o. - my picture is there -->, I'm the proud father of 3 little boys

I love women, smiles, philosophy, singing, acting, dancing, eating and teaching

My hope in life is to be a good father and make my future wife happy - UPDATE 11 Jun 06 - now I know I've found her :-) UPDATE 11 Aug 06 She's expecting a baby !!! update 19 nov 06 we're finally living together ! - nov, 24th old stories are going away...UPDATE 11 Apr 07 our son is born !!! :-))) Is 11 my lucky n

I love poetry too and people who say a lot without words. It's a wonderful life

"if you wanna find treasure, you gotta DIG" - Iron-Monkey ; je donne des cours sur Paris et RP - vous pouvez m'ecrire si vous etes interesse - chess teacher in and around Paris

elo FIDE = 2050 - my aim is 2100 = black belt ! best ever performance = 2181, beating a GM on the way

the new 4P's revisited : Purpose, Plan, Price and Passion :-) (thanks to thilroy) - Let's throw simPlicity in as well...

"Ah ! Si les hommes voulaient s'aider ! Ah ! Si les femmes voulaient ceder !" "Le sexe masculin est ce qu'il y a de plus leger au monde : une simple pensee le souleve" (Frederic Dard) - merci Gavroche

my time zone is European Central Time (Paris, Madrid) GMT+1, that's ICC server time +6 hrs.

"Quantum Mechanics - the dreams stuff is made of" - borrowed from uni ; "Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching" - from LoserFreak - So true and so difficult to implement :)

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