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This is a quick guide for the Monthly Standard Tourney. This Tourney is administered by the Tomato Bot System. Please read the simple rules at: =

* JOINING * When the tourney is announced as "Open" in Channel 32, join by typing: "Tell Pear Join" - (Open) or "Tell Automato Join" - (U1500). Type: "Tell Pear Status" or "Tell Automato Status" to see if you are registered. =

* PAIRINGS * are are made by "Pear" (Open Section) or "Automato" (U1500 Section) at game time. Check the TD Accounts for more information by typing: "Finger ST2pm-TD" - "Finger ST8pm-TD" & "Finger ST11pm-TD" =

* GRID # and STANDINGS * "Tell Pear Grid" for the Open or "Tell Automato Grid" for the U1500. The TD account of each Section (see above) has the Grids *** You can comment at: *** =

* YOUR GAME * Show up before the round starts and verify you are in by typing: /Tell 220 Status (Notify the TD of problems) ** Sections will not start with less than 6 Players - The TD will abort in that case and ask players to join another Section if Rating Allows.

* MATCHING YOUR OPPONENT * : Just Click on the Pop-up Challenge request. Type: "Tell Pear Games" or "Tell Automato Games" to see games in progress. =

* BYES * You are given a 1/2 Point Bye for Round 1 if you "LateJoin" before Round 2 starts. Players can only request a (0) Point Bye in later Rounds. Forced (1 Point) Byes are Bot Selected when Pairings are odd. =

* LEAVING* If you need to Leave the Tourney for any reason please type: "Tell Leave" If leaving after a completed game so you can play in another Bot tourney, please make sure are joined again before the next round begins (see below). You can't play in two Bot tourneys at the sam

* FORFEITS * Only players present at game time will be paired. If you are in the tourney but not present you will be forfeited at game time. If you want back in the following round show up prior to the next pairing and type: "Tell 32 TD, Please add me back into the tourney."

* PRIZES * Only the players who are in the tourney are eligible for prizes. If you do not show up for the last round without notifying the TD and this account before the tourney ends you can not win a prize.

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