Personal Notes

'But man is not made for defeat,' he said, 'A man can be destroyed but not defeated.' The Old Man

'Win as though you were used to it, and lose as if you like it.' - Isabella Stuart Gardner

'Chess does not make normal people crazy, it keeps crazy people normal' - Bill Hartston (IM)

Used to keep track of The ICC Hall of Shame. Gave up.

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Type Wild Rating 1385 Best
Type Blitz Rating 1750 Best 1848 (11/Apr/2014)
Type Standard Rating 1409 Best 1427 (11/Aug/2007)
Type Bullet Rating 1727 Best 1884 (12/Dec/2010)
Type Loser's Rating 1901 Best 2014 (08/Nov/2004)
Type Crazyhouse Rating 1161 Best
Type 5-minute Rating 1526 Best 1560 (20/Jun/2007)
Type 1-minute Rating 1741 Best 1841 (05/Feb/2010)
Type 3-minute Rating 1615 Best 1686 (09/May/2014)