Personal Notes

I'm AGM Rodrigo de Mello, an ICC admin (*), Helper (H), Manager (TM)

If you have a doubt about ICC, ask me and I'll try to help.


Vegan for the animals!

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 1533 Best
Type Blitz Rating 1928 Best 2379 (10/Dec/2007)
Type Standard Rating 1761 Best 2200 (23/Aug/2015)
Type Bullet Rating 1748 Best 1969 (26/Jan/2014)
Type Crazyhouse Rating 1454 Best 1583 (27/Sep/2015)
Type 5-minute Rating 1970 Best 1990 (04/Oct/2009)
Type 1-minute Rating 1879 Best 2096 (28/May/2019)
Type Correspondence Rating 1464 Best
Type 15-minute Rating 1809 Best 1841 (24/Sep/2019)
Type 3-minute Rating 2134 Best 2174 (28/May/2021)
Type 25-minute Rating 1799 Best