Personal Notes

While playing on ICC, I used a computer chess program to assist my play. This is against ICC rules. I apologize for this and promise not to use assistance of any kind in the future.

Tomato(TD)s-shouts:RRK won the u 1500 ! Luton Blitz 3 0 t tomato grid 369337

Flash(TD)s-shouts RRK won the Need for Speed 1 0 t Flash grid 398995

Tomato(TD) s-shouts: RRK won the Red Velvet Cake Luton Blitz 3 t tomato grid 412216

Slomato(TD) s-shouts: RRK won the KO Classic Elim Standard 15 0 t Slomato grid 415418

Slomato(TD)s-shouts: RRK won the Wednesday Night Standard t slomato grid 424539

Slomato(TD)s-shouts: RRK won the You Only Have 1 Life Elim Standard 15 0 t slomato grid 427248

Slomato(TD) s-shouts: RRK won the SNS with Prizes! Swiss Standard 16 6 t slomato grid 427999

Slomato(TD)s-shouts:RRK won the KO Classic Elimination Standard 15 0 t grid 429830

Slomato(TD) s-shouts: RRK won the Daily Standard Swiss Standard 20 0 rated t grid 431716

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 1645 Best 1701 (31/Dec/2009)
Type Bullet Rating 1889 Best 2120 (31/Dec/2014)
Type Bughouse Rating 1056 Best 1291 (27/Aug/2010)
Type Loser's Rating 1434 Best 1491 (05/Feb/2012)
Type Crazyhouse Rating 1519 Best 1523 (31/Dec/2014)
Type 1-minute Rating 1862 Best 2017 (03/Jun/2015)
Type Chess960 Rating 1892 Best 1915 (24/Jan/2015)
Type 25-minute Rating 1749 Best