Personal Notes

This is my main site to play chess on

I have been playing chess for two decades

Not Interested in theory openings

No Escape Enabled

Beat Harimau ( strongest rated computer) 2711 once by flagging in a complete losing position

Ex National Secondary Chess Champion and 4 times Districts Champion 2016-2019

Yet to lose a game in offical rating NCF 2021 went undefeated in offical games otb 2000+ rated players A+ grade

F84.5 Asperger's Syndrome diagnosed

2133 is my NCF rating ( OTB) National league

played swiss open swiss team events secondary schools club grades for many many years

Server Ratings Details

Type Blitz Rating 2007 Best 2007 (24/Aug/2023)
Type Standard Rating 2173 Best 2173 (28/Aug/2023)
Type 5-minute Rating 2150 Best
Type 15-minute Rating 2078 Best 2078 (09/Jul/2023)
Type 3-minute Rating 2005 Best
Type 25-minute Rating 2011 Best