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Welcome! NM and FIDE CM (2285) Dan Heisman, full-time chess instructor. Author of 12 chess books. website: - Voted "Best Instruction" 6 times: "Novice Nook" column. Instructional videos at; Chess Tip of the Day on Twitter @danheisman

Author:The Improving Annotator, Everyone's 2nd Chess Book,Traxler,Fried Liver/Lolli,A Parent's Guide to Chess,Looking for Trouble,Back to Basics:Tactics,The Improving Chess Thinker,A Guide to Chess Improvement,Elements of Positional Evaluation,The World's Most Instructive Amateur Game Book,Is Your Move Safe?

I would be honored to be your instructor! Inquiries or scheduling lessons: e-mail me ******, or call 610-649-0750 or "danheisman" on skype. Use ICC or Skype "Screen share" for board sharing. Call for lessons, inquiries; if you send phone # - If home, questions answered promptly

Always accepting new students of almost any age or level. Lessons of any length. Money back at end of lesson if not satisfied. Accept checks, chekels, Paypal. You don't have to take lessons weekly (or even regularly). Check our Learning Center at

Key to lessons: chemistry & communication! Use the Socratic method to help you retain information better & "push out" the edge of your chess logic & knowledge. Helping students "add positives" and "subtract negatives"

References include shanghaied, zyme, bmw2002, softpawn, goirish, petros-son, sra66, orionsknight, alastorx, grenadier, shivsky, redboot, mrmagoo, kingpatriot, kingsrook, liujf, meisterpatzer, frankly, chrisgianno, borapasa, bbrockva, amalthesa, willpowell77

I try to set up long-term teacher/mentor relationships. Always glad to answer questions from anyone: current students, past students, future students, or never-will-be students :)

Lessons are designed to identify and subtract "negatives" and help you best study to "add positives". Never do homework that's not fun! Lots of humans want to play YOU in slow games on ICC! Please read to help you find slow games here!

Fees: Occasional specials. Areas of specialty: thought process, time management, misunderstood safety issues etc. On Twitter, Skype and Facebook, all as "danheisman"

If you have any questions in US/Canada: e-mail your phone # and I will call. New students welcome on regular or irregular basis. I usually have an open time slot to fit your need - teach 6 days/week (not Tuesday). Yes I am related to football coach John Heisman; coached Howard Stern 2006-11

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