Personal Notes

Play for openings study. ratingsare irrevelant. Sometimes resign when tired or bored.with a long game, regardless of expected outcome.

Are ! puter puters like transgenders beating girls in sports?

Time 5/5 CM9000 only, my book

Humans and guests, use your best prog as you wish in unrated games

Johnny told the Devil, "You're pretty good old son, but I'm the best there's ever been." {briefly at least}

Friend, Bountyhunter, John Panuzzo has passed. A good man, friend, and chess fan. mid March 2014.

Scrappy is the only computer account with a valid reason for !Computer, has demonstrated that that restriction is worth 600 points Blitz !

cpu 2600k O/C to 4.1gz 32G ram

Various Stockf versions

Am I the oldest puter here?

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 1240 Best
Type Blitz Rating 2737 Best 3164 (04/Jun/1999)
Type Standard Rating 2879 Best 2880 (26/Oct/1999)
Type Bullet Rating 1273 Best 1536 (31/Aug/1998)
Type computer-pool Rating 1770 Best 1953 (29/Dec/2016)