Personal Notes

Boroljub Zlatanovic, IM, Serbia, official ICC vendor!

I am proficient trainer (IM, 2402) with more than ten years of experience. Improve your strategy and endgame skills with my lessons and analyses for reasonable prices. For more informations, please, click link below...! Welcome!

You can take some trial lessons to be sure I am the most dedicated trainer and here are not better lessons.

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 1688 Best
Type Blitz Rating 2337 Best 2545 (26/Sep/2016)
Type Standard Rating 1909 Best 1950 (04/Mar/2016)
Type Bullet Rating 2003 Best 2197 (18/Dec/2014)
Type Loser's Rating 1763 Best
Type 5-minute Rating 2300 Best 2367 (10/Nov/2014)
Type 1-minute Rating 2126 Best 2363 (08/May/2014)
Type 15-minute Rating 2009 Best
Type 3-minute Rating 2142 Best 2272 (15/Sep/2019)