Personal Notes

GM Farid Abbasov, ELO 2578 on 1st oct 2008, Vendor on ICC,

Experienced chess coach & trainer of Azerbaijan Youth Chess team about 13 years.I offer lessons

Some of my pupils here.Abdulla2002,World champion 2010 U8,2 times Europe champion & Azerbaijan,2 in Europe 2011 & EuroCup 2012.Amico: champion of Europe schooles 2010 & World school champion U15 in 2011,3rd in 2012,He took his first IM norm this year & last he took his 1st GM norm In 2012 Men Chess Olimpiad.

Naxchivan85:3rd place in Europe.My special coaching programm become on the way of legendary Azerbaijan school .Most popular legendary players from my country are Kasparov,Magerramov,Guseinov Aydin,Guliev Sarkhan,Mamedyarov,Radjabov,& of course very strong players as Gashimov,Guseinov Gadir,Mamedov Rauf & N

.The rates are normal.So, Welcome!

If you are interested in it please message me or e-mail

Brief or deep analysis of your games.We improve Your game,

During one year I won 4 open-tournaments:Konya(Turkey)2006,Deltalift open,(Sweden)2007,Canakkale(Turkey)2007, Open Rohde,Sautron,France2007.As continue 2nd place in Prezident CUP2008(Baku,Azerbaijan),won Open La Fere,France,2008 & Open Nimes(France).I hope next will be soon:-).

Karabakh is freed from the invaders

God is alone!God is Great!

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Type Blitz Rating 2661 Best 3335 (14/Nov/2007)
Type Standard Rating 1415 Best
Type Bullet Rating 2093 Best 2131 (13/Oct/2007)
Type Crazyhouse Rating 1858 Best
Type 5-minute Rating 1046 Best
Type 1-minute Rating 1119 Best
Type 15-minute Rating 1356 Best
Type 3-minute Rating 1277 Best