Personal Notes

FM Jari Jarvenpaa (2273) and 36 years old from Tampere, Finland. I am in chessclub SalSK.

My best victories are from 2011 Heart of Finland and 2015 ECC in Skopje, Macedonia. 2011 I won GM Sulskis (2591) as black and started overal score 6/6 (3 GMs+1 IM), then only got a draw finishing 6,5/9 with first IM-norm. 2015 I won best finnish player GM Nyback (2601), with total score 4/7 and 2nd IM-norm.

I am trying different things in chess, because having totally firm conceptions doesn't help to improve. Understanding chess positions should be my strenght compared to IMs, because generally they don't impress me with their analysis or ideas. Often I lose good positions because of practical problems.

UPDATE 9th of Nov 2015: Now things are going well in chess with a bit of luck. Couple of wins from bad positions and new Fide rating record, around 2318.

Here what "zato", one of my student says: "I was used to play very much with almost only by intuition, but in NFork's training I learned to calculate more and analyse more concrete moves than only positional factors. I got some new ideas to French defence and tried to analyse my games without a computer.

Maybe the training worked quite well. My national rating increased 100 points within three months (1900 ----> 2000)."


Other interests: jogging, gym and I am also crazy about movies

I am major student of philosophy and minor student of psychology

Winner of 45 45 team tourney in U2200 T63 2015 Jan, 24 hour 15 0 marathon with 29.5/43 and 2nd in 90 30 Championship. 1) 2)t slomato ser b jan-slomato 3)

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 1751 Best
Type Blitz Rating 2108 Best 2108 (02/Mar/2020)
Type Standard Rating 2092 Best 2132 (02/Apr/2017)
Type 5-minute Rating 2131 Best 2151 (23/Dec/2018)
Type 1-minute Rating 1955 Best 2036 (26/Jul/2017)
Type 15-minute Rating 1980 Best
Type 3-minute Rating 1916 Best 2214 (02/May/2017)
Type Chess960 Rating 1700 Best