Personal Notes

Law is my profession, chess my passion!! To all those who ask or think or wonder whether I am a titled player, please feel free to venture a guess! :-)

Chess is 20% preparation, 30% talent and 50% temperament! Fischer, Kasparov and Carlsen are the best chess players the world has ever seen.

No takebacks in bullet but definitely in blitz on an obvious mouse-slip (and maybe on a blunder if the game is interesting). I generally resign on lost positions thereby preserving my energy for the next game!

My sportsmanship rules are simple - I usually accept a rematch challenge after winning the first, I do not play dead-draw positions on time, and I am always courteous to women players even if they do not play well (and if they do, I appreciate it)! ICC is meant for fun and practice, a

Alexandra Kosteniuk is certainly right up there along with Judit Polgar in terms of her play!!

I can be very moody at times as I can play the most bizarre openings! Having successfully employed the Dragon against some of the toughest players, I fail to understand the dissuasive stand taken by most top players. Having learnt chess more from my opponents than from books, I tend

The silliest question ever asked by someone: Can I play chess here? Also, in response to the question: What is the similarity between life and chess? - the wittiest answer given here by a helper was: There are no takebacks in either!!

I do not have prolonged conversations as I generally find very little time to play. From the many losses due to misreading of positions, I have learnt to be less judgemental of people - the lesson being to give time in assessing the person correctly.

I have learnt to be patient from this game - patience is the mother of all virtues!

A wit once said, "Life is an album of surmises." Id like to change it a bit, "Life is an album of surprises." The philosophy of life in a nutshell -

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Type 5-minute Rating 2194 Best 2311 (03/Jun/2019)
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Type 3-minute Rating 2028 Best 2184 (07/Sep/2021)
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