Personal Notes

Hi! I am Alexis Cabrera from Spain, Professional coach. I give private lessons to anybody who SERIOUSLY wants to improve his game. Rate: $30 per week. More than 20 years experience and a lot of Spanish champions in my career. Hola si quieres progresar y mejorar tu ajedrez contactame.

fide rating 2500

i also play games for checkels..with brief analysis 1 game=2checkels

1hour of chess in any topic you choose

Lessons in English or Spanish

Any suggestion is welcome. You can message me here doing "mess minotauro", talking to me on line or send me e-mail

Cuba patria querida es mi tierra, now living in Valencia -Spain

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Type Bughouse Rating 2116 Best
Type Loser's Rating 1529 Best
Type Crazyhouse Rating 1693 Best 1712 (04/Feb/2003)
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