Personal Notes

Antti Pihlajasalo, from Finland, born in 1979

this handle wont be used anymore, maybe I'll get a new handle next autumn, maybe not. tired of playing chess, first time in my life actually

human stupidity is infinite

left blank

hundreds of millions of people build they morals on fairy tale reward, nationalism, brainwashed lies, greed, anger, racism

most of the people are too stupid to reason anything correctly, brainwashing is how the world mostly goes on. Its not about christianity or islam, its not about capitalism or communism. Its about seeking solutions.

Selfish brainwashed people dont want solutions. Bill Gates has a property of nearly 100 billion dollars, I wonder if the billion most poor human beings have as much combined, they maybe dont. Thats not how it should be.

Yugoslavia, Tsechenya, Kashmir, Ruanda, former Zaire, Eritrea, Sudan, Algeria, Sierra Leone, Colombia, Somalia, East-Timor... history has taught us nothing. Thats not how it should be.

chaos or something supernatural, who cares. With our thoughts we make up the world. To all people enjoy true happiness those thoughts must change. turn offs: organized religions, nationalism, greed selfish people

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