Personal Notes

Gaby Livshitz, official vendor, contact me for lessons/games at reasonable prices.

most of time doing nothing, and I like it :)

not a proffesional chess player, because I rarely win games (: Blitz record here on ICC isnt positive...

Finalist of the 1st world blitz championship! that was fun :)

email and msnm or icq 95170738 - if u wanna reach me outside the ICC

dreaming about visiting Ibiza one day... 4 a week... thats about the best vocation I can hope 4... - Update!!! : no problem going other places 2, like china :)

all u need is.....

this note is 4 my Girl... Efi, I love u :)

I cant stand time players - dont chalenge me!!! update!!!!: I can stand u now :)

favourite track: richard stefensson - where dreams come true (original mix)

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 1991 Best 2016 (26/Jun/2009)
Type Blitz Rating 2796 Best 3029 (22/Nov/2007)
Type Standard Rating 1919 Best
Type Bullet Rating 2206 Best 2224 (19/Jan/2002)
Type Crazyhouse Rating 1636 Best
Type 5-minute Rating 2148 Best
Type 1-minute Rating 2146 Best 2448 (13/Mar/2006)